About Iain Reid...

After completing his National Service in Egypt's Suez Canal Zone, Iain Reid began his journalistic career at D.C. Thomson's. His first job was on The Beano where, once he got the hang of things, he was given the Dennis the Menace strip to write. After a couple of years, Iain moved to a new Thomson comic, The Beezer. where he wrote scripts for the Menace's female equivalent, Beryl the Peril. He also wrote The Broons and Oor Wullie strips for the Sunday Post.

Iain was lured away to Fleet Street by Beaverbrook Newspapers as Assistant Editor of TV Comic and later to work on their newly-formed Strip cartoon Department which served all of the Group's papers. One day, John Junor, Editor of The Sunday Express, asked the Department to come up with a big-name golf instructional strip. Iain created 'Gary Player's Golf Class' which was a huge success. In the strip, Reid acted as Player's pupil. This meant that he had to travel all over the world with a photographer to record the lessons. 'Gary and I got on very well. Unlike some big names, Gary put everything he had into making the strip a success. It became the world's most-syndicated sports' feature. When Gary won the Open at Carnoustie in 1969, he thanked me in his victory speech for helping sort out a problem with his swing! I knew his swing so well by this time, it wasn't hard to see what was wrong.'

Eventually, Reid took the plunge and went freelance where he worked for many of Fleet Street's national newspapers including The Times. Reid created the $imone strip which appeared daily on page one of the paper. Iain's favourite strip, however, was Tramps which ran seven days a week in the Daily and Sunday Express. The brilliant drawings which matched the gentle, compassionate humour were by Roland Fiddy. Reid now occasionally draws the strip himself for a group of friends. 'I'm not much of an artist but I'm told my work cheers them up, so I suppose it's worth the effort.'

Reid has now agreed to share these efforts on a regular basis with a wider audience under the banner of Reid's Eye View through the Alan Steel Asset Management website - we hope you enjoy the results.