The markets can be a stealthy monster.

At times they seem to just be waiting to scare the crap out of you. 

In fact, so much so that folks feel washed over with certainty that they must take some kind of action in response to all the bogus bogeymen the media have created.

And they have to do it right away and at any cost just to ease the tension.  

The Reality?

Media certainty is an oxymoron.

So take note of a few of these alleged “certainties" in the media just now and, no matter the topic or level of importance, wait and see how much time passes before each of them are proven wrong. 

Here’s what I tell myself each year during the summer market silly season:

"I promise to not waste a single moment of my summer time break with fretting over market action.  Every summer swoon before now has proven only one thing: they are opportunities to be taken advantage of while others waste energy and worry over ineffective (read: often bogus) perceptions."

The reality is that this very same set of opportunities is likely setting up to unfold over the next few months - now that we have once again witnessed the ugly churn of the summer doldrums. 

How about a peek? 

The retail world is being rocked by the assumption that Amazon will sell everything in the future and we will never shop again. 

Uh, yeah right. 

Check the latest retail sales instead.

And don't be at all surprised to see quite a few positive surprises in this arena when Q3 and Q4 roll around:

Bogus Chart1

In Closing

I did get a kick out of the expected bad news from the eclipse:

Bogus Chart2

I hope you are laughing your ass off. I certainly am.

Do Your Best to Enjoy The Rest of the Summer Haze....

It’s still a couple weeks before all this all ends. 

It will be then that we can get back to the normal level of terrifying fear.

When the dust settles and everyone is back to full force I remain confident all sorts of "bargains" will be unearthed and the process will go on.  

Focus on demographics and not economics.

Mike Williams
Founder and Managing Partner

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