Hundreds of gallons of ink (and billions of pixel-thingies) have been spilled (and Tweeted about) by experts telling us that the world was ending because of a rates breakout.

The country was going to be choked, they said.

And sure, rates did rise a little bit to just over 3%.

And then? 

Well, here we are today - one year later - with yet a new panic under our belts and those same rates are lower than they were a year ago!


As per the above chart: The 10-year is at 2.63%. 

If I were one of the horsemen of the financial apocalypse I’d be well cheesed off about all this galloping towards nothing.

So, What's Really Happening?

Well, the entire world as we know it is rolling through a pace of change that no one has ever lived through.  The noise, if you let it, will scare and overwhelm you and push you out of your saddle, so to speak.

If you do not let the rapid change do that to you - and instead stand by your plan and on your pathway - patiently taking steps forward - you will be set to witness significant increases ahead.

Generation Y will likely set records in all areas of change every year for the next three decades, and momentum will build while tension will feel out of control at times.

And every company will become a tech company if they employ Gen Y kids…and eventually they all will.

Some tech companies will spit out cars we drive (or fly), others will fill tubes with toothpaste, boxes with detergent and power our homes and light up our cities.

They might have names like Proctor & Gamble, Ford and NextEra Energy, but don't be fooled by all that.

That will just be the cover of the book.

Inside, they will be tech companies; sooner or later.

So, hold on folks and pray for all this investor and economic angst to hang around awhile longer. 

The last set up like this was in the start of 2016, when the Dow Jones went from 15,500 (what was then considered a panic low) up to over 26,000 before anyone really noticed.

The same rate of growth target on this next leg up once the catastrophic thinking wears off like a spring thaw will be Dow Jones 37,500.

That’s right. And I know that sounds like crazy, nutty nonsense.

But if in the first week February 2016, I had said: "Hey, the Dow will be 26,500 by the end of Q3 in 2018" you would have thought exactly the same thing: He’s nuts.

Generation Y is just heading into their impact years.  Think back to mid-to-late 1981 for a comparator.

The markets are not the problem here.

It’s how we’re react and plan that causes the problem.

Let’s give the Horsemen a holiday, eh?

Mike Williams
Founder and Managing Partner of Genesis Asset Management, New York