How long can this go on?

How long are investors going to sit like a rabbit in headlights while one day after another all we hear is unadulterated gloom. So things have never been this bad in 70 years ? What tosh ! No hope for at least 6 years ? Rubbish !

Why not do something about it?

And instesd of believing this crap , and feeling sorry for ourselves -why not do something ? Like get your pension plans working harder by having the best funds inside . Or instead of stagnating your deposits in Banks and the like paying you peanuts for interest as they have for 3 years now , and for as long as they can get away with , why not swop them for low risk Income funds ? Our chosen 11 over the last 3 years delivered over 47% in income and growth , after Ord Inc Tax , AND charges .

For example....

One simple example -MRS S a retired pensioner a year ago was shocked to note her £22,000 so called High Interest Current Account downstairs from our office at the local bank , added only £22 !! to her a/c for a whole year !!

She swopped it , with our help to a High Monthly Income low risk alternative and has enjoyed since a net income of over £100 a month . So leave the politicians to wallow in their depression , self imposed , while you take the action they seem incapable of ."

By Alan Steel