Harley Davidson Economics

What the Baby Boomers are doing with their money, and what the Millennials are about to do.

The Magic Number Of The Universe

If you want to know how long it will take to double your money through any investment, follow this simple formula.

Why I Hate Passives

Buying an Index Tracker is like trying to drive a car on an unfamiliar road using only your rearview mirror.

If Barcelona FC Were An Investment Team

How to build your ideal 'team' of investment funds, without the debilitating charges.

Preparation, Hard Work And Learning From Failure

Summarising the four principles of good investing that should underpin how you think about and invest your money.

Jim Mellon Introduction

Jim Mellon Introduction, Edinburgh's New Club, Friday 21st August

The Little Red Bus That Could

The Little Red Bus That Could: Longevity & The Internet of Things

The Downturn

The Downturn, China & Maniacal Investing

US Expansion and Tulip Mania

US Expansion & Tulip Mania

The Undervalued Eurozone

The Undervalued Eurozone