“Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word” (Sir Elton John)

Even after all these years since becoming an IFA in January 1973 Alan is still shocked at how many sensible investors are keen to build wealth for themselves and their families but who then ignore the need to protect against delays, complications and taxes when they die.

And regrettably the words of Elton John will be no source of comfort for those left behind, clearing up the financial mess they inherit. Sadly it seems far too many will inherit a mess. According to a report mentioned in a BBC Online feature on Old Age, an estimated 31 million people in the UK have no Will. (Source: YourMoney 21st February 2018)

If you haven’t yet experienced what happens when a family member passes away without bothering to make a Will then please ask us to fill in all the painful blanks for you before it is too late.  In short, it is a very painful and a long drawn-out expensive experience for all concerned.

It is your wealth....
So why not choose who should get it when you die?

If you don’t bother putting a simple Will together then it is highly unlikely that your wishes for what happens to your wealth, when you are gone,  will ever be carried out. Please don’t fall into the trap of  "there’s plenty of time to do it". There isn’t.

No Will in place yet?
“Where There’s a WILL There’s a Way” 

Doesn’t it make sense to put a WILL in place that’s well-thought out and tax efficient, such as reducing any Inheritance Tax, which is currently 40%. That expresses your wishes and sets them out in clear instructions?

If you do have a WILL, when was it last reviewed? Does it reflect your wishes and your wealth today? Isn’t it a good idea to give it an MOT?

So do feel free to talk to us about Joined-Up Financial Planning in order to help build your wealth and protect it.

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