Why should you choose us?
How about very high customer satisfaction levels, refreshingly fair value and transparent fees
85% of all our new clients come from an existing client introduction.

What's more the average annual client charges levied by the financial adviser industry as a whole are actually 46% higher than ours.  And as many as 40% of advisers now charge 67% more than we do.

(source Citywire April 2018)

So, what's in it for you?
A genuine holistic approach to your financial planning, from people who care about your future.

A bespoke investment portfolio construction and personal management.

Investment fund switches and strategy adjustments no additional charge made by us.

Trying to minimise your tax liabilities, where possible, is all part of our service.

Absolutely no hidden charges for review meetings and correspondence.

Also, we have an active relationship with Ned Davis Research (named Best Global research firm 2018), which helps us formulate our top down investment strategy at no additional cost to our clients.
Our Expertise
If financial independence and security are your goals then please read on. They are ours too.


Are you sure that your investments are in the right funds?

Do you also think you may be paying too much for your existing underperforming investments? As private wealth managers, we are one of only two in the UK to have won the coveted annual MoneyMarketing  “best Investment Independent financial adviser " award a record three times.


Are you sure you will have enough income for a hassle-free retirement?

Given there have been more than 200 legislative changes to pension planning in just the last 20 years that question is very difficult to answer on your own. We have lived through all of these and our advice will help you avoid the tax pitfalls and confusion that these continuing changes create.


Are you paying too much?

We’ve found the best way to create your financial Independence is to make sure your savings are invested to maximise returns, remembering, to minimise your taxes and to beat inflation. Easy to say but hard to achieve without help. And that’s where we come in.

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Insights & Media
Read our latest thoughts on investing strategy, pension freedom and tax planning

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What our clients say
"I am regularly asked what the secret to success is. Well in my own world it’s having teammates with ability and intelligence, but more importantly those who can be trusted in times of crisis and who stick together. And that’s what you want too from your financial advisers. This is what I have at Alan Steel Asset Management. I am surrounded by trusted teammates and a leader with vision and pride in his job. Now because of my connection with them over the last 20 years I make decisions I want to make, rather than have to make."
Gordon Strachan, Football Manager
"Thanks for everything you have done for me in the past and I'm confident you will continue to do in the future. At risk of constantly repeating myself, I never stop thanking my lucky stars that I heard of Alan Steel Asset Management - however many years ago it was! - and that you and the girls have been taking care of me ever since."
Mary Cavanagh, Bishops Stortford, Herts
"As an investor in high-growth companies, I place great emphasis on the professionalism, trustworthiness and integrity of the people we are backing. I have adopted the same approach when it comes to seeking investment advice. Alan Steel Asset Management have advised me and my firm on our own pensions and investments for the last two decades. They have delivered consistently and have always provided us with an exceptional quality of service."
Calum Paterson, Managing Partner, Scottish Equity Partners