We have been independent financial advisers since 1975
Typically when new clients first contact us...
  1. They would like to retire early but can't see how.
  2. They don't know how to calculate what financial independence means and instead buy financial plans, including pensions, piecemeal.
  3. They invest and then panic sell at the wrong times (usually as a result of negative media stories) because they do not understand the long-term value that tax free compound interest adds to their wealth.
  4. Many do not have simple trusts or proper wills to protect the family.
  5. They are fed up with their current advice and would like a fresh, simple, all embracing financial strategy that is exclusive to them.
  6. They want a long-term relationship with independent financial advisers who put them first and are fed up paying heavy costs upfront to advisers who provide no worthwhile ongoing service.

With us, all those concerns would be a thing of the past.

Your path to financial security:
First and foremost, Alan Steel Asset Management will revisit all of your financial goals.

Then we will help you understand where you are now. Next, we will show you how to get the best from all your assets. We will recommend the best and most tax efficient strategies to help you achieve your goals even in difficult times.

Before you commit to any course of action, you'll receive a detailed report which will spell out in simple straightforward language exactly what you need to do. No jargon. No mumbo jumbo. Something that is created specifically for you. Something to take care of all your Investment, Tax and Pension needs.

We believe that at Alan Steel Asset Management our approach to client costs is different. It's refreshing, clear and out in the open for all to see.

Since we started in 1975, we've helped individuals and companies make sense of their options and get their financial independence goals back on track.