Much more for your money

We believe that at Alan Steel Asset Management our approach to client costs is different. It's refreshing, clear and out in the open for all to see. Remember, we work with you to help establish your lifetime financial goals. To do so we will review all possible options, eliminating those that do not make sense and amending those that do. We will then put in place a strategy to make your money grow more with less tax liability.

We will then work each year with you to keep your financial goals on target.

You will always understand what all charges are, why they are being made and what their impact is.

Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation is usually free of charge – and there is no obligation on your part to accept our recommendations.

Our fees will be fully disclosed to you before we undertake any work for you.

Payment can be made either by;

  • Direct fee - we would send you an invoice and you pay us direct
  • Deduction from your investment(s)

We would always tell you whether you have to pay VAT.

Our unique approach
  • A bespoke investment portfolio construction and personal management.
  • Investment fund switches and strategy adjustments no additional charge by us.
  • A genuine holistic approach to your financial planning including: investments, pensions, income and family protection, inheritance tax mitigation, family trusts, all tax allowances maximised.
  • Generic tax support from our in house accountancy team.
  • Tax planning, including dividend tax, capital gains tax and income tax positions.
  • No hidden charges for review meetings and correspondence.
  • The investment decisions we make on your behalf take account of the work of Ned Davis Research (NDR). NDR were named “Best GLOBAL research firm“ at the 2018 Wealth and Money Management awards.
  • Periodic newsletters with our news and views
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