Since January 1973 he has been practicing and studying the secrets of how real wealth is created and protected.  Since forming Alan Steel Asset Management (ASAM) in May 1975 he's built a highly qualified team, written countless articles, appeared on Radio and TV, in national and international social media, and is recognised as a leader in his field.

He's a sought-after speaker, loves what he does and uses his vast experience and knowledge to create better ways of increasing and protecting the wealth of families and people most probably like you.

Unlike most wealth management firms, ASAM has avoided the herd instinct of locating in a big city.  Preferring to be far from the madding crowd they are situated in the Ancient Royal Burgh of Linlithgow, birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots, in Central Scotland.

His hundreds of articles and quotes over the last 30 odd years demonstrates his commitment to 'lift the lid' on financial services industry malpractices that have plagued investors’ returns time after time, even after UK Financial Regulation was introduced by law in 1986.

And you can read many of these articles in the Media Centre.  ASAM spends significant resources on Independent World Renowned Research and applied commonsense. This enabled them to predict looming problems like the Equitable Life scandal, Mortgage and Pension mis-selling, and inappropriate “popular investment” strategies pushed by media and greedy financial salesmen.

And, from Linlithgow they provide personal service to clients throughout the UK, the Channel Islands and as far away as Hong Kong.

And even though based in faraway Linlithgow they deliver their unique brand of plain speaking, fairness, and value for money which has seen them recognized in UK awards 17 times since 1989.

Because of his personal experience over the years, Alan was asked to advise the UK’s Treasury Select Committee and helped them tackle issues such as Split Capital Investment Trusts, the Equitable Life debacle, and how government should re-establish investors’ faith in saving.

As an early critic of With Profit Plans, he was first to publicly accuse Equitable Life of incompetence in April 1997.  And he has penned hundreds of articles pointing out the way investors and savers should take in building wealth and how to protect themselves against mis-selling and their own behavioural bias.

Alan’s many articles and quotes in the media demonstrate his commitment over the long haul to help guide, educate and protect folks like you.  Do get in touch if you feel our highly skilled advisers can help you.

To keep up to date with Alan's views: Visit Alan’s Letter From Linlithgow