Alan Steel leads the company

Since January 1973 he has been practising and studying the secrets of how real wealth is created. He's built a highly qualified team, written countless articles, appeared on radio, television, in national media, and is widely known as a leader in his field.

He's a sought after speaker, loves what he does and uses his vast experience and knowledge to create better ways of increasing the wealth of people like you.

Unlike most, Alan Steel Asset Management has avoided the herd instinct of locating in a big city.

They are situated in the small town of Linlithgow in Scotland. From here they serve clients throughout the UK, the Channel Islands, Monaco, Spain and even as far away as Australia.

From Linlithgow they deliver their unique brand of common sense, fairness, and value for money. From here they have been recognised in UK awards ten times over twelve years

Advice to Government Select Committee

Because of his experience, Alan has given advice to the Government Treasury Select Committee. He has helped them tackle issues such as Split Capital Funds, the Equitable Life debacle and how the government reestablishes our faith in investment funds.

As an early critic of With Profit Plans, he was the first to accuse Equitable Life back in 1997 of incompetence. And he has penned hundreds of articles criticising the Government and an industry, which encourages financial ignorance and rewards poor sales techniques with high commission.

Lifting the Lid on Malpractice

Alan Steel Asset Management spends enormous resources on research. This enables them to predict problems like With Profits, Equitable Life, Endowment Mortgages, Pension Funds and the various popular investment strategies pushed by media and poorly trained financial salesmen.

His many articles and quotes in the media demonstrate his commitment to continuously 'lift the lid' on the industry and bring education to your doorstep.

And you can read many of these articles in the Media Centre.

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