Have you ever really thought about your path to financial security?

It could incorporate many things such as your property, your investments in stocks and shares, your pension, your reliance on With-Profit schemes and your tax liability.

It's a minefield and you've heard it all before: shortfall on pensions, good investment leads to heavy tax burden, non-performing investments, inheritance tax nightmares and more besides.

One minute the papers tell you to do one thing, and then it's something else and always when it's a little too late.

No wonder investors today are confused. It's like playing Russian roulette with your money. Property is in fashion, then it's out. The stock market is good, then it's not. More than 220 changes in pension legislation since 1961 - 90% of which have occurred in the last 16 years. Taxes that are increasingly difficult to understand and taking more than a fair share of your money. And so it goes on.

Investing In Your Future

Typically Alan Steel Asset Management spends 5,000 hours every year researching economic trends, pension law, taxation, investment strategies and identifying the finest performing fund managers.

We subscribe to institutional-grade research from Ned Davis Research, and world class statistics are collated regularly from leaders such as H S Dent Foundation, and Genesis Partners.

Whilst the fund managers are growing your money, Alan Steel Asset Management is protecting your investment by managing the fund managers on your behalf. Alan and his team have an enviable track record of identifying "rising star" fund managers, which is good news for you. Most managers produce their best performances on their way to the top. Then, the best performing fund managers are invited to fortnightly meetings at the company offices to discuss past performance and future investment strategies. As soon as they see a change in investment strategy or a diversion from good performance, it is discussed internally. If necessary, you will be contacted and made fully aware of the situation. Then you'll be given appropriate advice of alternatives to improve the performance of your money.

Every effort is made to make sure that you receive the right advice. In this way you fully understand what is being proposed, why it's proposed and at what cost.

The bottom line is, you will be investing in the right ways, the best areas, and in a tax efficient manner.

Advice and support from an expert team

To give you the advice and support you want and need, Alan has built one of the most qualified, knowledgeable and effective teams in the financial industry today.

Stop and ponder on this for a moment. Why is Alan Steel Asset Management the only Scottish IFA that has appeared in the top 10 places of prestigious UK investment awards like Harper & Queen, Headline Money Awards, Scotsman Awards and the MoneyMarketing Industry Awards in each of the last 12 years, and won the latter for a UK record equaling three times? And from a small town in Scotland? It tells you something doesn't it?

It tells you that this is a company that cares about what it does, and that it does it well.

You should remember that the value of an investment and the income from it could go down as well as up. The return at the end of the investment period is not guaranteed and you may get back less than you originally invested.

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